Thermodynamics is a relatively new technology to the UK, but Leicester based Crafton Developments is one of the first installers to undertake training in this application.  Thermo dynamics provides hot water in the sun, rain, snow and even in the dark!  It heats water to 55 degrees constantly and works in all weathers down to -15 degrees C.

Its unique selling points are that its lightweight panels can go on the roof, vertically on the wall or even within a roof space and they do not need to be south facing.  Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, thermodynamics means a significant reduction of carbon emissions and highly energy efficient production.  The system works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The way it works is that it takes latent heat from the atmosphere, all day every day and passes it through to your hot water system.  Overcoming the traditional limitations of solar power, these high performance panels use not glass, but an ecological refridgerant which collects solar radiation both diffuse and direct, as well has heat from the surrounding atmosphere.


  • How does it compare to Solar Thermal Panels?

  • Standard Solar Thermal Panel

  • Provides up to 70% of your hot water
  • Must be mounted south facing for best results
  • Needs backup from a boiler or immersion heater
  • Needs sunlight – low performance in winter/night
  • Can only assist central heating

  • Thermodynamic Panel

  • Provides up 100% of your hot water
  • Can be mounted south/west/east/north on a wall
  • No backup required – Not connected to boiler
  • Works in the dark and down to -15ºC – 24/7
  • Can provide 100% of your central heating


Crafton Developments can do a site visit and explain precisely how it would work within your specific property and what savings there are to be made.  What’s more, currently there are one-off  payments of £300 available for people installing thermodynamic energy panels in their homes.  Simply call us on 07970 961 607 or 0116 2671001 or email